Aiken Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents happen in Aiken every day. While some collisions cause only property damage, other crashes result in serious injuries or fatalities. When a tragic accident happens and someone is hurt or killed, an Aiken car accident lawyer can help. An experienced injury attorney in Aiken is ready to fight for your right to compensation.

Steps to Take Following An Accident

After a car accident, an individual should contact the police to come to the crash scene and write a collision report. An individual should also get medical help and be certain their doctor documents the injuries that they have sustained. It is important to get the contact information, including insurance information, of the other driver and notify the insurance company of the crash.

Determining who was at fault for the accident is going to be very important when a collision occurs. The insurance company of the policyholder who was at fault is going to be responsible for paying damages to crash victims.

If anyone was hurt or killed in the collision, the insurance company of the driver who caused the crash should pay for medical costs and loss of wages, including loss of any future earning potential.

The insurer should also pay for non-economic damages including loss of companionship for loved ones in wrongful death cases, or pain and suffering when the victim survives the crash. An Aiken car accident attorney can assist in maximizing any potential damages an individual may be entitled to.

Benefit of an Aiken Auto Accident Attorney

In the accident aftermath, it may be clear who is to blame and the insurance company of the driver who caused the crash may offer a settlement. In other cases, it is more complicated to determine who is at fault and, and both drivers may have conflicting stories.

Whether fault is clear or not, an individual needs to contact an Aiken car accident lawyer after a car accident. An auto attorney can help you send a demand letter to the insurer to request full compensation for all losses. Insurance companies often make low settlement offers, and an individual could end up with less money than they deserve if they do not negotiate a fair deal.

If your case is not resolved through a settlement, a personal injury or wrongful death claim will go to trial and a jury will determine damages. You need an experienced Aiken car accident attorney to help you gather and present evidence and make a strong case.