“Avengers” Oven Mitt Causes Severe Burns

“Avengers” Oven Mitt Causes Severe Burns

Most of us have a favorite movie. We have watched it hundreds of times, it’s our go-to when we are home sick on the couch, and we even have a little piece of memorabilia to remind us just how great the story is.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of people around the country subscribe to some type of home-delivery box. These “surprise” boxes contain items that we may or may not find useful. From Ipsy bags filled with makeup samples to Barkbox filled with dog toys, there are boxes for everyone. One such home-delivery option is Loot Crate.

Subscribers to Loot Crate were pleasantly surprised in May, especially if they are fans of the “Avengers” franchise. Inside the box was an Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt, designed for the superhero baker in all of us. Sadly, more than 200 people were burned before the mitt was recalled.

People using the oven mitt found that it melted when it came into contact with hot pans. This resulted in serious burns for many people. A recall was announced after several people reported the same issue. Those who choose to take part in the recall will receive a Simpsons key chain and an Avengers T-shirt in place of the mitt.

Participation in the recall is voluntary. Loot Crate subscribers can keep their mitt, although it is strongly advised that it not be used to touch or hold hot pans. Officially, the company is recommending that consumers destroy the mitt.

There were more than 350,000 mitts sent out, but only 241 people have reported being burned. It is highly likely that there are more defective mitts that won’t be discovered because people stopped using them once word of the defect spread.

Loot Crate released a statement that said, in part, “Recently, we received reports that some of the Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitts found in May’s POWER-themed crate could not withstand certain levels of high temperature. An unexpected and unfortunate development for one of the most powerful items in the galaxy.”

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