Dog Attack Leads To Amputation

Dog Attack Leads To Amputation

A North Charleston woman has lost her arm after her husband’s pit bull attacked her last weekend.

Mahmoud Rizk, 30, says he raised his dog, Tiger from a puppy and has had the dog for three years. Tiger was euthanized Monday by the Charleston Animal Society after Rizk voluntarily surrendered him.

It is believed that the dog was injured earlier in the day when he was out on the golf course and got cut. It is believed that Katherine Rizk pressed on the wound accidentally while petting him and the dog attacked while she was alone in their Westcott Plantation home.

Officers responded just after 10 p.m. and found the white-and-brown dog with blood stains on his mouth and lower body, while Katherine Rizk was bleeding profusely. One officer distracted the dog while other officer applied a tourniquet on her arm to stop the bleeding. Police reports state that Rizk’s injuries were almost to her arm pit. Witnesses to the horrific incident assisted police in applying other tourniquet’s and bandages to her head and other multiple injuries.

The dog was locked in a bedroom by police until Animal Control arrived to take the dog. Rizk did not immediately surrender the dog but gave him up the following day to authorities.

Katherine Rizk remains in serious condition and there is indication when she might be released from the hospital. Mahmoud Rizk says that his wife hopes to get a prosthetic arm.

Dogs and humans have enjoyed a close relationship throughout history. For many of us in today’s society, dogs are considered valuable members of the family. With that many canine companions that are living amongst humans and those that are integrated into our daily lives, dog bites and attacks unfortunately can happen.

Each year, there are millions of Americans who are attacked or bitten by dogs. Some of those bitten by dogs will require medical attention. If you have been injured by a dog and after you have been seen by a doctor that is the time when you should call a personal injury attorney who will be there for you.

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