Driver Blames Sun In Police Vehicle Crash

Driver Blames Sun In Police Vehicle Crash

A van has collided with two police vehicles that were responding to another accident.

According to Easley Police Chief, Chief Tim Tollison, the incident happened on Tuesday morning on Olive Street. One officer was outside his police cruiser directing traffic around the scene of the accident and a second officer was sitting inside another police cruiser doing the paperwork on his onboard computer.

The police vehicle with the officer inside was struck by a Mercury van. The van approached the scene traveling at an estimated 40 – 45 miles per hour and showed no signs of slowing. The van pushed the first cruiser into the second cruiser. According to the driver, the sun prevented him from seeing the vehicles.

The officer who had been inside the patrol car was transported to an area hospital and was later released. The other officer who had been directing traffic was not hurt in the incident.

In the state of South Carolina, whenever an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance, tow truck or police cruiser is on the side of the road, drivers are required to get into the other lane whenever possible. This is part of the state’s “Move Over Law.”

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