Football Player Sues Chiropractor Over Brain Injury

Football Player Sues Chiropractor Over Brain Injury

South Carolina Brain injury lawyers recently learned that Adrien Gault had played football all of his life, but after suffering numerous concussions and somehow still being awarded clearance to play by the district, Gault slipped into a coma and suffered a subdural hematoma. Gault filed suit against Sequim Chiropractic Clinic owner and operator Dr. Robert D. Bean and his wife, as well as the Sequim School District. Gault filed his suit for damages from his brain injury in 2006 with the Clallam County Superior Court on January 13, 2010.

After suffering numerous concussions one may wonder how Adrien Gault was still allowed to play football and why he was not taken out of the game after a pre-game concussion on October 20, 2006. The district and district doctors never told him he was unfit to play.

Gault was violently hit in a warm up drill before the October 20, 2006, game versus North Mason High School. He played a full quarter of the game and part of the second quarter before complaining of headaches and being taken out of the game. What happened next alarmed coaches, teammates, and fans.

Gault collapsed on the sidelines and was carried off the field. Just hours later, he suffered a subdural hematoma, which is when the brain swells and bleeds as a result to a traumatic brain injury. Gault was then airlifted to a neighboring hospital where they had to remove part of his skull to reduce pressure on the brain. After this horrifying incident the plaintiff does not have full control of his left arm, has constant headaches, and cannot remember things at times.

The plaintiff alleges that the proper medical attention was not sought out after he complained of headaches following the hit he endured in warm-ups. Usually medical attention is required if a player complains of headaches, due to the common nature of concussions in football. Concussions, especially players who have suffered concussions before, are not to be taken lightly.

Source: Peninsula Daily News- “Former Sequim Football Player Sues District, Chiropractor over Brain Injury.” January 22, 2010.