Hot Air Balloon Strikes Electrical Wires

Hot Air Balloon Strikes Electrical Wires

An accident involving a hot air balloon that struck overhead electrical wires while landing has left three people injured in Pennsylvania.

According to a New Holland Police department spokesman, Sgt. Mark Willwerth, the balloon touched down in a field but not before striking the wires and causing electrical shock to three people on board. The balloon, operated by New Horizon Balloon Team, was descending at a farm in Earl Township in Lancaster County when the top of the balloon blew over onto some electrical power lines as it touched down. The contact of the balloon to the electrical wires caused those on board to suffer electrical shock.

Authorities say that Melyndia Davis, 48, of Sykesville, Maryland, who was a passenger on board the balloon, was in cardiac arrest when emergency responders arrived. Davis was being attended to by an eyewitness to the scene. Davis is currently listed in critical but stable condition at am area trauma center located outside Philadelphia.

Other passengers injured in the incident are Robert Spencer, 53, of Elldersburg, Maryland, and pilot Robert Fisher, 55, of Honey Brook. Both men are currently listed in stable condition.

The incident is currently under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Finding out who might be at fault in an accident such as a hot air balloon accident may be less than straightforward in such an incident, aviation investigations can be long and getting to the truth of who is liable may take time. No matter who is ultimately at fault in an accident, holding those responsible is important in order to insure that justice is served and that victims are justly compensated.

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