IKEA Offers Kit To Prevent MALM Dresser Accidents

IKEA Offers Kit To Prevent MALM Dresser Accidents

Just one year after chests made by Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA tipped over and fatally injured two boys, the company, along with safety regulators, says that consumers should keep them away from children, unless the cabinets are anchored to a wall. They are offering a kit to assist with this.

The move comes after a two-year-old boy in West Chester, Pennsylvania, became pinned against his bed and was fatally injured when a six-drawer Malm chest fell on him in 2014. The second fatality involving a child being killed by an IKEA Malm chest was a 23-month old boy from Snohomish, Washington, who was killed when a three-drawer Malm chest tipped over and fell on him.

Consumers who purchased an estimated 27 million chests and dressers of the company’s Malm line of furniture will receive a free kit that will help them anchor the furniture to a wall and keep it from being accidentally overturned by children. No proof of purchase is necessary.

Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesman, Scott Wolfson said, “They (the chests) are unstable when built and used without a wall anchoring device.”

Though neither IKEA nor the government safety commission would call this move an official recall, any time that a company or manufacturer offers to repair or replace a product, technically, it is considered a recall. So far, the CPSC says this is the largest furniture recall in its history.

IKEA company officials say that they have received a total of 14 reports concerning Malm chests that have tipped over that have resulted in a total of four injuries. IKEA says that it is aware of three deaths that have been reported from other models of large pieces of its furniture tipping over since 1989.

The company is not offering a refund or telling consumers to return the chests to the stores where they were purchased, but rather offering a corrective action to the issue. IKEA insists that its furniture is safe when consumers follow the instructions and they are properly assembled and that they have been fully cooperating with the CPSC.

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