Lactic Acidosis Causes Crash

Lactic Acidosis Causes Crash

There are many reasons that people can get into a wreck. There’s inattention, which is the most prevalent. There’s driving under the influence, which causes inattention, speeding, and many other things. There can be vehicle malfunctions, where a person was doing all of the right things but the vehicle just didn’t cooperate.

A man crashed his car into another, taking the lives of two people in the process. When police arrived on the scene, they charged him with felony DUI, because they found empty beer cans in the pickup truck that the man was driving. They also found whole beer cans which were damaged during the wreck.

The man was completely disoriented, so it made sense that the man was charged with these crimes. When they got the toxicology report back, however, everyone was surprised because they found that the man’s blood alcohol level was 0.0 and that he tested negative for everything else.

It was then that officials realized that there might have been something else at play. After more testing, it was found that the man had lactic acidosis, a condition which causes similar symptoms to being drunk. The man has no recollection of what happened that night.

The charges were dropped against the man, because he wasn’t drunk and he had no recollection of the incident. He is, however, not driving anymore until there is some medical rationale for proceeding.

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