Toddler Falls Into Camp Fire

Toddler Falls Into Camp Fire

A family camping trip was cut short when a toddler fell into a campfire. According to the Hart County Director of Emergency Services, Terrell Partain, a family from the North Georgia Mountains was visiting the area when their toddler was injured after falling into some embers and coals left after a campfire.

The accident happened at approximately 1:00 p.m. at the Payne Campground in Hart County on Monday.

The child was airlifted to the Augusta Burn Center for treatment with non-life-threatening injuries on his back and buttocks.

The child’s mother said the recovery will be long.

It seems that young children often find themselves in trouble and can get hurt in the blink of an eye. When children are first learning to walk, their curiosity can get the better of them, and even if a parent or a loved one is watching them, a serious accident can occur.

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