Seneca Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you been in a motor vehicle accident in Seneca? Did a defective product malfunction and hurt you? Did you suffer a slip and fall? Has any person or company hurt you or caused someone you love to die as a result of negligence or carelessness?

There are far too many instances in South Carolina where people suffer injuries or even lose their lives in preventable accidents. The individuals and companies who cause these injuries need to be held accountable so victims can obtain the money they need to get medical care, cover their costs and move on with their life. At Howell Law, our attorneys only represent injured victims. We devote our decades of collective legal experience to fighting for the rights of people injured in Seneca, SC and surrounding areas- and we are ready to help if you have been hurt.

Legal Options After an Injury in Seneca

If you have been hurt or someone you love was killed in Seneca, you can pursue a claim for compensation as long as you can prove someone should be held legally liable for your losses. This means showing negligence or a breach of a legal duty. An attorney can help you gather evidence, interview witnesses and make your case.

Most injury claims are resolved through a negotiated settlement. The person or company responsible for the injury is covered by an insurance policy and the insurer makes an offer to settle. If you accept and take the money, you must release the policyholder and insurer any further obligation to compensate you for losses.

Some injury claims are also resolved through litigation. This means going to court, convincing a jury that you are entitled to compensation and showing the extent of your loss. A court trial requires you to meet the burden of proving the defendant was to blame for what happened to you or your loved one.

Whether you want to negotiate or litigate, you need an advocate looking out for you. Howell Law personal injury lawyers have experience providing legal representation to clients in many types of injury cases throughout the Seneca area.

Your Right to Compensation for an Injury

An injury can change your life in many ways. You should be compensated for all types of damages resulting from the preventable accident or injury including:

  • Actual economic loss resulting from medical expenditures, the inability to work and a temporary or permanent reduction in wages.
  • Non-economic loss resulting from the accident and from your injuries, including pain and suffering and emotional distress like PTSD or anxiety.

Howell Law attorneys will work hard to try to get you the compensation you need to move on after being harmed or losing a family member. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more.