Camel Escapes And Attacks People And Property

Camel Escapes And Attacks People And Property

A camel that was being kept illegally has been captured after running free for more than an hour in southern California.

Fire officials say the animal escaped its pen on Friday in Acton, CA.

Before the wayward animal was caught, it knocked a man to the ground. The injuries were enough to send the man to the hospital with a gash in his head. The camel also damaged a nearby vehicle.

Authorities have managed to recapture the animal. It’s uncertain if the owner will face charges regarding the incident.

No matter if the pet is a dog, a cat, a goldfish or other animal, almost every owner of a pet knows that they are responsible for the care, feeding and training of that animal. Some larger, more exotic pets require special licensing.

Even under the most conscientious situations, a pet can get loose. It can cause damage to property or seriously injure or even kill humans. The liabilities surrounding animals that have gone astray and have damaged property or injured others falls on the owner in nearly all cases.

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