San Fran Baseball Fan Brutally Beaten In L.A. Is Still In A Coma And Suspects Yet To Be Apprehended

San Fran Baseball Fan Brutally Beaten In L.A. Is Still In A Coma And Suspects Yet To Be Apprehended

In a good number of posts, our South Carolina personal injury lawyers have discussing relevant sports issues, but this sports related entry is quite a bit different than those in the past. Most of the past sports posts are concerned with serious injuries that can be sustained while in the act of playing sport, while this is about a San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten outside the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium in March.

The 42-year-old fan suffered serious head injuries in an unprovoked beating after the season opener for the Giants and Dodgers, according to authorities. Allegedly, two men approached the Giants fan in the parking lot after the game and began punching and kicking him while they yelled profanities about the Giants.

According to police, the assaulters fled the scene of the brutal beating and have yet to be apprehended. Composite sketches of the suspects have been released and officials are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to their arrests and convictions.

This type of melee is not often found in the United States, sure there are rivalries and bitterness among fans, but savage poundings are more in line with the fanatical hooligans found abroad, not the supporters of America’s Pastime.

After the incident team officials issued a statement saying, “This attack is unconscionable behavior that will not be tolerated in either of our ballparks or in either of our cities.” The statement was also signed by the mayors and police chiefs of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Currently, the Giants fan is still in a coma and in critical condition. According to his family’s website and physicians, fluid is accumulating in his brain, adding complications to an already severe brain injury. Previously, there was talk on the family’s site about a possible surgery to put a shunt into the fan’s cranium, but such a procedure has not been scheduled and physicians have opted to treat the man with medicine.