Charleston Child Injury Lawyer

Has your child or someone’s child you know been seriously hurt or had injuries that resulted in death? We can help.

Accidents are devastating in every case, but especially when a child’s young life is shattered due to a serious, permanent, or fatal injury. When a child is hurt or killed because of negligence or wrongdoing of any sort, parents must understand their legal options. A Charleston child injury attorney can help.

Howell Law Group has extensive experience representing children and families in the painful aftermath of life-changing accidents. Our firm believes that those who hurt a child through negligence or wrongdoing should be held accountable and should pay for both economic and non-financial loss. Since children are young and may have a lifetime of missed wages and pain, the compensation for child injuries is often very large.

Our injury attorneys are ready to help victims get the money they need for their bills and other losses. Give us a call now to schedule a free case evaluation to determine if you have a damage claim. Our attorneys can also answer questions including:

  • What are some common causes of child injuries that give rise to an injury claim?
  • What will happen if I sue based on a child injury?
  • How can a Charleston attorney help with child injury cases.

Potential Child Accidents

An injury claim may be brought against individuals, businesses, and even governments, in situations where negligence, carelessness, or intentional wrongdoing was the direct cause of harm. Children are vulnerable to injury in many different settings and whenever a child sustains an injury that may have been caused by carelessness, parents should consider speaking with a legal professional to determine if a claim can be made.

Examples of situations in which a Charleston child injury lawyer may be able to help include:

  • After motor vehicle accidents when child passengers were injured.
  • After school bus crashes.
  • When children suffered harm due to negligent supervision at a daycare center, school, or extracurricular activity.
  • When children sustained head injuries or other sports injuries due to inadequate supervision or lack of safety equipment.
  • When children drowned due to unsecured or unsafe swimming pools.
  • When a doctor made a mistake during labor and a child sustained birth injuries, or when a medical error was made by a care provider treating a child.
  • When a school, sports, or other organization failed to protect a child from sexual abuse.

In these and many other situations, the damage to the child’s physical and mental health can have profound reverberations that shatter families and that last a lifetime. Victims don’t deserve to bear the costs of child injuries- those responsible should be held accountable.

Filing a Lawsuit

If you wish to pursue a claim for compensation for an injury sustained by a child, you should speak with a Charleston child injury attorney to explore your options. Your lawyer can often help to negotiate an out-of-court settlement so it is possible to obtain monetary payments for losses without you or your child going through the stress of a trial.

If no settlement is reached, your lawyer will help you to conduct an investigation, gather evidence, and present proof of liability in court. As long as you can prove your case, your child should receive compensation for all medical expenditures due to injuries, for pain and suffering, for loss of future earning potential, and for other economic and non-financial losses the injury has caused.

How An Attorney Can Help

Howell Law Group represents families coping with the devastating aftermath of child injuries and fatalities. We bring legal experience to your case, but we also bring compassion and understanding as you go through a difficult time. Give us a call to speak with a Charleston child injury attorney so we can take on the legal burden on your behalf and help you to obtain the money you need to move forward as you support your child through the recovery process.