Charleston Boat Accident Lawyer

If injured in a boating accident in South Carolina, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other damages. A Charleston boat accident lawyer can assist in guiding you through the injury claims process and ensuring your claim is as strong as possible. To get started or learn what steps to take next, consult with an injury attorney in Charleston today.

How Accidents Occur

There are many ways boating accidents occur, many boats and other water craft have insurance policies that are similar to that of insurance provided for automobiles. This means that when a serious accident occurs on the water, there is likely compensation available to the victims to be reimbursed for their damages like medical bills, lost wages, permanent injuries and loss of enjoyment of life. A Charleston boat accident attorney can assist in recovering these damages.

Boat Accident Injuries

The most common cause of death in South Carolina water accidents is drowning. Many of those fatalities are caused by failure to have a life vest or other flotation device available for the victim to use after an accident. Families of the victims of drowning are entitled to additional damages for any amount of time the victim survived prior to their death and are also entitled to damages for loved one’s wrongful death.

Maritime Injury Laws

Some of these cases fall under state law in South Carolina and many of these accidents fall under an area of the law known as admiralty law. For example: was the site of the accident on navigable or non-navigable water? Because of this and other reasons, there are many complex legal issues regarding boating and other water accidents. The insurance company will have skilled representatives that work for them and not you. You should have a skilled Charleston boat accident lawyer on your side that understands the legal issues and will represent your best interest in reaching a fair resolution in your case.

Free Consultation

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