Charleston Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Injured your neck, middle or lower back? The Charleston spinal cord injury lawyers at Howell Law can help. Serious accidents lead to very serious injuries. One of the most common body parts injured during an accident is the spine which is also known in layman’s terms as the back. When injuries of this severity occur, a Charleston injury attorney can help.

Types of Injuries

The spine is broken into three levels known as the cervical (i.e. neck), the thoracic (i.e. middle back) and the lumbar (i.e. the lower back). The cervical spine is made up of seven levels knows as C1-C7. The thoracic spine is made up of twelve levels known as T1-T12. Finally, the lumbar spine is made up of five levels L1-L5. While there are many types of spinal and back injuries, probably the most common that occur from accidents are herniated discs, annular tears to the discs and fractures to the spinal facet bones and joints. Some of the most common ways these medical conditions can be caused include by impact from a car accident causing blunt trauma to the back and/or whiplash types of injury, by falling a great distance (like off of a roof) and/or lifting heavy objects at work.

Back injuries caused by accidents can lead to very intense and permanent pain and restrictions for those that are hurt. This can seriously affect the daily living activities of those that are injured and can lead to a partial or total inability to work, making it important that a Charleston spinal cord injury lawyer is consulted. Those with spinal injuries caused by the negligence of others and/or caused by an accident at work are entitled to make a recovery under the law to reimburse them for their losses and other damages. Depending on the case these damages can include reimbursement for past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, just to name a few.

Contacting a Charleston Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Have questions regarding a back injury caused by an accident? Email or call one of our Charleston spinal cord injury lawyers at Howell Law. Let one of our spinal injury lawyers give you straight answers to all your legal questions.