Be Careful Giving Alcohol To Your Children

Be Careful Giving Alcohol To Your Children

Underage drinking continues to be a problem across the country. As the world begins to make plans to send out the old year and ring in the New Year, parents are being reminded that throwing a party for their kids who are under the legal drinking age of 21 is a bad idea.

S.C. Statute 61-6-4070(C) clearly states that the underage consumption and transfer of alcohol ban does not apply to parents providing alcohol to their children in their home. However, even with this part of the law which seems to give parents’ permission to let their kids indulge, that statute will not help if a parent is fighting the charge of delinquency of a minor. This is especially true if they provide alcohol to their children’s underage friends.

Many parents will allow their children and also their children’s friends to drink alcohol at their home because it takes away the risk of drinking and driving. If parents are caught, however, they could face fines and charges that could land them in jail.

Parents may also be held liable if there are any allegations of sexual assault, injury and death that occur while a party is going on. Criminal and civil liabilities may very well come after such incidents.

Keeping kids safe is all a part of being a parent. Think twice before allowing your children and their friends consume alcohol and risk their safety and your liability. Keep the New Year celebrations safe, even if no one is drinking and driving

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