Blown Bounce House Injures Three Children

Blown Bounce House Injures Three Children

Three children were injured when a bounce house that was at Socastee Elementary School was blown over by high winds on Sunday. According to eyewitnesses to the incident, the wind was strong enough to tear out the stakes out of the ground that that were holding the bounce house in place. Some indicated hearing popping noises as the inflatable structure was blown over.

Emergency crews from Horry County Fire and Rescue were already at the school when the incident occurred. Their vehicles were part of a display for children.

Three children were injured and were transported by ambulance to a local hospital with mild to moderate injuries. EMT’s examined eight other children at the event.

It’s natural for every parent to worry about their child. If your child is injured at an event at school, it can be a frightening experience. A child’s pain and suffering inevitably becomes that of the parents as well. When an accident involving your child happens, if it is serious, it can mean losing wages from taking time off work, or having to take family leave to take care of them.

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