Bono Recovering From Bicycle Accident

Bono Recovering From Bicycle Accident

When an injury occurs to a famous person, most of the time they have insurance on the tools of their trade to cover expenses, or can just do it out of pocket. This may be what saves one cyclist from having to face U2’s Bono in court.

Bono wrote on his blog that he had crashed on his bicycle in Central Park when he tried to avoid another ride. The landing was especially bad. The U2 front man broke his arm in six places and fractured his eye socket and shoulder blade. He has had several surgeries so far and recovery is slower than expected. He’s cancelled all upcoming public appearances to focus on recovery for their next tour.

He’s noted that he may never be able to play guitar again, and that the band is supportive.

Most celebrities aren’t known for being litigious, but if they have the resources to recover from injuries then there’s no need for them to be. However, thousands of people are injured every day in accidents that leave them with costs they cannot cover. If insurance or the responsible party in the accident won’t pay a fair settlement, then you’ll need legal assistance.

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