Building A Haunted House With Safety In Mind

Building A Haunted House With Safety In Mind

Whether you are building a small haunted house in your basement for your children’s Halloween party or are building a Goliath for everyone in the surrounding area to enjoy, you’ve got to build it with safety in mind. Anyone working inside of your haunted house should be kept free from harm, and you should protect any visitors to the best of your ability. Here are steps you can take to make sure your haunt doesn’t end up costing you big money.

1. Fire Safety

If you are building a haunted area outdoors, you may be considering using fire as a feature. While this can certainly add to the ambiance of your haunted house, it can also be dangerous. Make sure fires are supervised at all times and that there are fire extinguishers or buckets of water nearby.

2. Trip and Falls

If you do your job right, people are going to get scared. People who are scared may decide to turn and run. Make sure that pathways are clear of any trip and fall hazards. Extension cords, fallen objects, and even decorations may pose a threat to people who are moving too quickly on their feet.

3. First Aid Kits

In the event that someone does have an accident, you will want to be prepared. Keep several stocked first-aid kits on hand. At a minimum, have gauze pads, bandages and first-aid ointment ready to go.

4. Walkthroughs

Before you allow anyone into your haunted house or onto your spooky property, conduct a walkthrough. Look for any hazards and clear them away before you welcome guests. You may not have full control over what occurs during the walk, but you do have control of the hazards that are present before your attraction opens.

5. Lighting

Make sure that all areas of your haunted house that aren’t meant to be blacked out are well lit. This is especially true of any entrances and exits. People should be able to walk about safely without fear of injury. Keeping things lit will enable people to see where they are going. Until you don’t want them to, that is.

While you may not be responsible for all accidents that occur in your haunted house, you will be held accountable for those that could have been avoided. Build your feature with safety in mind.

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