Charleston Back And Spinal Injury Lawyers Note Noble Efforts In Tri-County Community

Charleston Back And Spinal Injury Lawyers Note Noble Efforts In Tri-County Community

Our Mt. Pleasant job accident lawyers want to recognize the outstanding people at the Human Needs Network who have recently launched a new volunteer initiative by the name of Ramp It Up, whose goal it is, “to build every needed wheelchair ramp in the Tri-County by the end of 2011.” It’s an ambitious objective, but with individuals like Alex Jackson spearheading the effort, it would be no surprise if they accomplish their goal.

Jackson is a 24-year-old quadriplegic who has used a wheelchair since he was 9 months old and he is pushing hard to get these ramps built in Lowcountry homes and businesses because he feels the lack of mobility the disabled have in the area is a major issue. Its an issue the physically fit often don’t recognize, as climbing stairs to their front door or office is an every day occurrence, for them it is natural to be able maneuver up and down and negotiate sharp angles without a problem. But, for the disabled in our community using wheelchairs, overcoming these obstacles takes a great deal of patience, strength, and determination.

As a toddler, Jackson was involved in a serious auto accident while returning from a visit to his grandparents in Augusta, Georgia. The car his mother was driving was struck head-on when another car crossed into their lane going the opposite direction. Jackson’s mother was able to recover from the severe injuries she incurred from the accident, but he suffered a debilitating spinal injury that has kept him in a wheelchair ever since.

But that hasn’t stopped Jackson in the slightest, apart from his efforts to gain awareness for Ramp It Up through his internship at the Disability Resource Center; he is a graduate student in the College of Charleston’s Communication Department, and works part time at SPAWAR in Hanahan.

Many disabled people are at risk of slips and falls and becoming trapped or sustaining serious injuries in their own homes. But, with the work from people like Alex Jackson and those at the Human Needs Network, hopefully the likelihood of severe accidents and injuries will be dramatically decreased for the Tri-County’s disabled.