Choosing A Surgeon For An Elective Procedure

Choosing A Surgeon For An Elective Procedure

Whether you have decided to have a cosmetic procedure or a weight loss surgery, you have the unique ability to take your time to pick the right surgeon. Unlike being forced to undergo an unplanned emergency surgery, choosing to undergo a procedure gives you the time to conduct a bit of research and make the decision that is best for you.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to surgeons and hospitals. You may have so many choices that you become overwhelmed. Don’t let the sheer number of options have you hurrying to “just pick one.” Even though your surgery is elective, it is still risky and should be delivered by someone you trust. Here are some considerations to take as you are searching for your surgeon.

1. Local or Out of the Area

There are benefits to choosing a surgeon close to your home. Follow-up appointments will not be difficult to get to. Contact and communication will be convenient. You may even know and be able to speak to people who have used the same surgeon. If, however, you live in a rural area or smaller town, you may not have the option of staying local. If this is the case, look for a hospital that is within driving distance. Your very last option should be having to fly to obtain your procedure.

2. Trust

You must have full trust in your surgeon. Talk to more than one and decide who you feel the most comfortable with. If support groups are important to you, look for a surgeon that offers them. The surgeon you pick should listen to your questions and concerns and freely communicate with you.

3. Credentials

Obviously you will want the surgeon you choose to have experience with the elective procedure you will be undergoing. Ask to see the doctor’s credentials and those of the staff. Search your state’s medical board to determine if the doctor has ever been sued for medical malpractice.

4. Prior Patients

A doctor who performs elective procedures should allow you to speak with past patients. They should have before and after pictures of procedures they have preformed before yours. If your surgeon is hesitant to give you the names of past patients, look elsewhere.

An elective procedure has risks, and a surgeon shouldn’t be chosen on a whim. Take your time and research the different surgeons in your area who offer the procedure and choose one carefully.

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