Crash Prevention Is A Driver’s Responsibility

Crash Prevention Is A Driver’s Responsibility

Recently, Consumer Affairs reported on a tragic accident that occurred when a driver followed GPS directions and drove off of a bridge. According to Consumer Affairs, there was an elevated roadway that and been partly demolished. A 64-year-old driver was on the road following instructions from his GPS and the vehicle ended up falling 37 feet down onto the pavement below. The car burst into flames. While the driver was able to survive the accident, his wife passed away due to burns at the scene of the accident.

The tragic accident was not the first to be caused by motorists paying attention to GPS Instead of the road. There have been numerous instances of motorists following bad directions, including when motorists drove an RV onto an unpaved logging road mistaken for a highway by their GPS and drivers taking their cars into rivers when their GPS told them that the river was a road. One airport in Alaska even had to put up road blocks when motorists keep following a GPS device onto a runway.

While some drivers have attempted to sue GPS companies, and Tech Live reports that one woman sued Google maps after being hit by a car while following Google’s walking directions onto a highway, drivers need to remember that it is ultimately their responsibility to avoid crashes. These instances illustrate the dangers of relying on technology instead of following best practices for safety. People who are too focused on their GPS could end up hurting not only themselves, but also their passengers or others. Innocent victims of crashes caused by drivers who make unsafe choices can file a lawsuit with help from a Charleston car accident lawyer at Howell Law.

Drivers are Responsible for Being Safe Behind the Wheel

GPS devices can be dangerous for motorists for a number of reasons. Obviously, following bad directions is a big issue that motorists need to make sure to avoid. However, drivers who are paying attention to their GPS, or who are focused on entering data into the device while driving, could also strike other vehicles, pedestrians, or bicyclists while their eyes are off the road.

Drivers are required to exercise reasonable caution behind the wheel and behave at least as safely as the average hypothetical reasonable driver would. Being too focused on a GPS can be just as much of a distraction as using a cell phone and reasonable drivers should know that they need to still pay attention to what is going on around them.

A passenger or another motorist who is involved in a crash with a driver who is overly focused on a GPS device could file a lawsuit to obtain compensation if they can prove the driver’s negligence or failure to exercise reasonable care was the direct cause of damages and losses. A Charleston car accident lawyer at Howell Law could provide legal help in making a claim and proving your case for compensation. Call an attorney today to learn how a car accident lawyer can help you after a crash.