Deep Frying A Turkey Poses Safety Risks

Deep Frying A Turkey Poses Safety Risks

Thanksgiving is just a few short days away. If you are like most people hosting family gatherings, you already have your menu planned. For some, the most revered item on the menu will be the deep-fried turkey.

The traditional method of cooking a turkey in the oven for hours upon hours has been declining in popularity as deep-frying has gained preference. Despite the potential hazards, many people will forego the roasting pan in favor of the backyard deep fryer this holiday. If you will be counting yourself among them, it is important that you understand the risks involved.

Fryers of any type pose a fire hazard. Deep fryers in the backyard cause hundreds of burns each year, most severe. The risk is so high, in fact, that there are public service announcements attempting to educate the general public. Many people deep fry turkeys without issue. Thousands of others are injured in some way.

Part of the problem with deep fryers is that even when the directions are followed appropriately, accidents still happen. People who plan on frying their bird this year should keep the deep fryer away from the house and any other structures in the yard. Pets and children should be kept far away from the fryer, and whoever is doing the cooking should wear safety goggles and oven mitts.

When it is time to cook the turkey, experts recommend shutting off the burner to the deep fryer. Submerge a turkey that weighs no more than 14 pounds, and then turn the burner back on. This will reduce the risk of fire should any hot oil spill over the sides of the fryer. People should also take care to make sure the turkey is completely thawed before it is placed in the oil. The turkey should not be stuffed, nor should it have been marinated.

Deep frying a turkey doesn’t have to be dangerous, but the risks are always present. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby so you can quickly douse any flames that leap out. Take time to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the fryer, and always take the proper precautions when using the machine.

If you do happen to be injured while deep frying a turkey, follow these steps:

1. Call 911 if the injuries are severe. If they are not, have someone take you to the hospital for medical treatment.

2. Leave the fryer where it is. Do not throw anything away, and try to gather all of the parts. You will need these things to prove that the machine had a defect, if it was indeed manufactured improperly.

3. Take pictures of the fryer and any injuries that occurred.

4. Call an attorney that is experienced in personal injury law.

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