Didn’t See The Lights, Crashed

Didn’t See The Lights, Crashed

When a police cruiser is rushing to a scene, every driver should not only take notice, but stop in the safest place possible to allow the officer through. Not stopping is not only against the law, but it hinders that officer from getting to the scene of a situation.

Hitting the police officer with a vehicle while the officer has his or her lights and sirens on can lead to unfortunate chain reactions. Charleston Police were headed to a scene when making a turn onto Meeting Street. Unfortunately, the officer wasn’t seen, and the car was hit with another vehicle that was carrying two passengers.

Then, as a result of the impact of the car, the cruiser hit another vehicle, involving another two people in the accident. The intersection became completely unpassable. It took a while to clear out the afternoon accident. Everyone involved ended up going to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

What about the medical bills for being taken to the hospital? Where is the liability in this case, and who should pay what? How about insurance coverage and workman’s comp?

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