Explosion At Popular Diner Injures Granddaughter Of Owner

Explosion At Popular Diner Injures Granddaughter Of Owner

An explosion at the Bootland Diner on Interstate 85 injured the granddaughter of the restaurant’s owner.

The accident was caused by the restaurant owner’s 21-year-old granddaughter, Brittany Alewine. Alewine was walking through the kitchen when she tripped and hit the stove cracking the gas line which later caused the explosion. Alewine was airlifted to the Augusta Burn Center for treatment. The explosion is still under investigation.

A place of business has a duty to keep its patrons safe. If you see hazards in a place of business bring them to the owner’s or tenant’s attention. Many times they have no idea of the hazardous condition until someone alerts them to the situation. However, that does not excuse them from liability. If it is condition they should have known about, they may still be liable.

Once a business is alerted to a dangerous situation they have a duty to correct it. Failure to do so places them in a position of liability should someone be injured due to that condition.

Premises liability falls under a legal theory that says both landowners and tenants in South Carolina can be held responsible for injuries that happen on the property they own or lease. These entities can be held liable for many types of accidents. The most common is a slip-and-fall injury of a patron but any injury suffered on a premise can be considered under premises liability.

Malls, retail stores and restaurants who have customers regularly visit their property are often held to a higher standard in making sure their premises is safe for all who enter. They have a legal obligation to actively seek out potential dangers in order to avoid accidents and injuries to their invitees. They are often held responsible for dangers they know about and should have known about.

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