Family Sues Expert Witness In Lethal Injection Case

Family Sues Expert Witness In Lethal Injection Case

The Family of an inmate who was executed by lethal injection in the state of Ohio is suing an expert witness, alleging that he knew that the two drug lethal injection would cause him to suffer.

The lawyers for the family allege that Dr. Mark Dershwitz knew of the risks involved in the two drug lethal injection, but Dershwitz helped institute the state’s new lethal injection policy. Dershwitz recently announced that he would no longer serve as an expert witness for Ohio State’s Execution protocol.

The family has also named, pharmaceutical distributor, McKesson Corp. in the lawsuit, saying the company distributed the midazolam and hydropmorphone that was used in the lethal injection that had been used to put the inmate to death.

The lawsuit is a federal civil rights lawsuit that was filed in January of 2014 by the inmate suffered needless pain during his execution and took more than 26 minutes to die.

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