Fee For Emergency Response May Pass In Dorchester County

Fee For Emergency Response May Pass In Dorchester County

Getting into an accident in certain areas of Dorchester County may end up costing motorists a fee for emergency response.

On Monday, the City Council passed the second reading of an amendment that would impose a fee for non-residents involved in car crashes in which Dorchester County Fire Rescue personnel are dispatched. This fee would only be assessed to non-residents involved in crashes in unincorporated areas of Dorchester County.

The cost for any incidents occurring in the unincorporated areas would be billed in hourly increments, rounding up to the nearest hour. Accidents that involve the dispatching of heavy apparatus, which includes fire engines and rescues, for example, will cost $305 per hour. Extrication, with the use of hydraulic tools, will cost $2,015. Landing zone command and control will cost $900. Replacement fees for any consumable materials, such fire suppression foam, would also be charged.

The amendment now faces a 3rd reading and a public hearing at the next County Council meeting. The meeting will convene on July 20th.

The costs of an accident can be staggering. With the tightening of city budgets, these costs are increasing. Regardless of fault in an accident, communities around the country are passing on their costs to motorists. Add to this the expenses surrounding long term recovery, or even permanent injury, loss of income from being off the job or even pain and suffering and the prospect of getting into an accident can be life changing on many levels. Such realities can leave families feeling overwhelmed and with no idea of where to turn for help.

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