Holiday Shopping Injuries Are Real

Holiday Shopping Injuries Are Real

“I got hurt the other day shopping for a gift.” It sounds as though it may be the start of a joke. The truth of the matter is that people really do get injured shopping, and they are often hurt through no fault of their own.

The biggest shopping season of the year will kick off on Friday. Hundreds of thousands of people will be lining up in front of stores to score a deal on a much-wanted item for themselves or someone in their family. People won’t be thinking about their safety. People certainly won’t be thinking about the safety of others.

Before you head out to your local mall this Friday or in the coming weeks, it’s important to understand the potential risks you face. While it is true that millions of people visit stores every day without being hurt in the process, many people are injured. Here’s what you should know.

Types of Injuries

There are several types of injuries that can be incurred while shopping. Larger crowds, messy aisles and packed parking lots make injury a serious possibility. Here are the most common types of injuries that occur during this busy shopping season.

1. Slips and falls. Slip and fall injuries may be the result of poor lighting, escalator malfunctions, wet floors and ill-maintained carpets.

2. Head and body injuries. Keep an eye out for falling objects while you are shopping. While you are at it, be sure to ask for assistance instead of reaching for an object that is just outside of your grasp.

3. Shopping carts are dangerous. Pay attention to how you are loading your cart. An unstable or unbalanced cart can easily tip, causing injury to the person pushing it and the person standing next to it.

4. Crowd hazards. Most people have seen pictures of dozens or even hundreds of people pushing and shoving their way past one another to get into a store or down he electronics aisle. An increase in the number of people can mean an increase in the potential for injury.

5. Parking lot injuries. Be very careful when walking through a parking lot. Cars aren’t the only things to watch for. Cracks in the pavement or a failure to remove ice and snow can mean that you are coming off of your feet without meaning to.

People shop every day without injury. Sadly for some, people are injured through no fault of their own simply because they wanted to make a purchase. If you or a loved one is injured while shopping in Charleston this holiday season, you may have a right to seek compensation for those injuries.

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