Calls For Horse Carriage Ban In Charleston

Calls For Horse Carriage Ban In Charleston

Horse-drawn carriages are usually associated with thoughts of fun tours and excitement. But an out-of-control horse-drawn carriage recently caused local residents near the Charleston Market to redefine those cheery images. The horse led a carriage that wildly careened and smashed into the market. While no serious injuries were reported to authorities, the accident still caused some local residents to speak out about the possibility of banning all horses and carriages in the downtown area.

A Facebook page to raise awareness on the issue was created by Debbie Hall, and provides information about the possible dangers associated with horse-led carriages in downtown Charleston. Hall said she wondered if providing the carriage tours was in the best interest of the horses.

“Is it a hardship on [the horses]?” Hall asked. “You have to look at the other side of what’s being used to provide that [carriage] amusement. Is it a good thing for them?”

She also explained that the animals are forced to handle paved roads, the weather, sudden sounds of vehicles and other issues. Moving the horses and carriages to another location, like Middleton Place for example, would be a much better option Hall said.

“The downtown urban setting and the extreme temperatures are an issue. I wouldn’t have a problem if they did carriage rides out there on soft ground and not in 98 degree weather.”

The horse that was frightened in the downtown area is named Rob. It was purchased last year from an Amish family and brought to Charleston Market a short time later.

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