Lack Of A Seatbelt In Chain Reaction Crash Causes Death

Lack Of A Seatbelt In Chain Reaction Crash Causes Death

Sometimes an accident can lead to a chain reaction of tragedy. This was just what happened in Simpsonville, where a four vehicle accident left one person dead.

It was an idyllic South Carolina night, just about four miles south of Simpsonville. William was driving his minivan home in the evening, around 7:45pm. He might have been sleepy because his vehicle veered into the oncoming lane. Unfortunately, this brought the minivan into the path of an oncoming tractor-trailer. This happened near Fork Shoals Road.

From there, the accident started spiraling. His vehicle bounced off of the truck and hit an SUV. William was then thrown from the minivan and directly into the path of a pickup truck. He was not wearing a seat belt.

The injuries were more than William could sustain, and William was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital, but the other drivers weren’t hurt.

This demonstrates the value of the seatbelt for drivers. When wearing a seatbelt, the chances of fatality in an accident significantly drops. Make sure that when you’re out on the road that you wear your seatbelt.

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