Newly Adopted Dog Kills Infant And Other Unfortunate Lowcountry Incidents Of Child Injury And Death

Newly Adopted Dog Kills Infant And Other Unfortunate Lowcountry Incidents Of Child Injury And Death

Over the weekend, your Charleston accident lawyers at Howell Law were informed of a truly tragic incident involving a family’s new dog and their 2-month-old baby boy born on Valentine’s Day. According to reports, the 2-month-old was apparently pulled from an infant’s swing inside his family’s mobile home and his legs dismembered by a golden retriever-Labrador mix. The dog was named “Lucky,” and had been described as a gentle and friendly creature. Authorities and investigators have called the dog attack one of the most gruesome seen on the job, as well as one the saddest days in their respective careers.

After questioning, authorities have learned that the infant’s father was sleeping in a bed with the infant’s 3-year-old sibling and the family’s other canine at the time of the fatal dog attack. The infant’s mother was with their 7-year-old at a doctor’s appointment. The dog responsible for the attack (Lucky) was adopted only a few weeks ago, after its previous owners wanted to give it up. The infant’s family had cared for the dog as “dog sitters” prior to adopting him. Authorities have not been informed of any past complaints of aggressive or malicious behavior.

What seems to be the most surprising aspect of this incident, is that the infant’s father did not wake up at any point during the dog attack, despite his being in a nearby room with the door open. According to officials, the father was still asleep when the infant’s mother returned home to find her baby boy on the floor by the swing, legs separated from his body, and his abdomen ruptured and bleeding from numerous dog bites. The infant was rushed to Summerville Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. No charges have been filed against the parents, but investigations by numerous state and local agencies are ongoing.

The infant’s two older siblings have were taken into custody by the state Department of Social Services (DSS), while the family’s two dogs, including Lucky, are being held in pens at the Dorchester County Law Enforcement Center near Summerville. Interestingly, according to the Post and Courier report, when approached by reporters and photographers, “Lucky wagged his tail and barked as if beckoning the visitors to come play.” It has not yet been determined what Lucky’s fate will be, according to officials. But a Dorchester County Sheriff remains steadfast in his opinion that large dogs and small children do not mix.

While your Charleston personal injury attorney is on the subject of potentially preventable child injuries and deaths, a 2-year-old Ladson girl drowned after falling into a neighborhood pond. According to a Summerville police report, the toddler had been missing for some time prior to her falling into the pond, and that a search by her mother and a neighbor found the little girl floating in shallow water. While awaiting emergency response personnel the neighbor tried reviving the toddler by performing CPR, but to no avail. The young child was pronounced dead in the emergency room at Trident County Medical Center, according to the Charleston County Coroner’s Office.

In the past your Charleston, SC lawyers have discussed children and drowning, entries covering such are posted below and can be a valuable resource in preventing a similar accident.

In another horrific Lowcountry incident, in which two children died from injuries suffered in an apartment fire, the man suspected of setting the fire has been charged with murder. Initially, the man was facing attempted murder and first-degree arson charges, but those were upgraded after the children’s unfortunate passing due to their serious burn injuries suffered in the blaze.