Police Catch Man Involved In Intense Domestic Abuse Case

Police Catch Man Involved In Intense Domestic Abuse Case

Police have placed under arrest a man who allegedly abused a woman who needed to be hospitalized.

According to Chief Deputy Mike Cochran of the Berkeley County Sherriff’s Office, the agency received a 911 call on Sassafras Lane in Summerville by a man saying that his daughter had been involved in a domestic dispute with the suspect. The man who had dialed 911 was able to flag down Sheriff’s deputies as they were on their way to the call.

The man called his daughter’s cell phone allowing deputies hear a loud disturbance going on through the phone. Deputies went off in search of the suspect. They had heard the suspect say his intention was to kill the woman and himself.

The suspect’s truck and the victim were spotted and Deputies witnessed the suspect attempting to slow down for law enforcement and attempting to push the woman out of the moving vehicle. Deputies say that the woman was dragged momentarily but was able to pull herself back into the truck.

The suspect then sped away with deputies in pursuit.

Once more the suspect stopped his truck this time pushing the woman out of the vehicle before speeding off again.

Deputies report that the suspect continued to drive recklessly, attempting to crash the vehicle and finally crashed the truck into a concrete bridge near Berkeley Country Club. The truck caught fire after the crash.

The man managed to crawl from the wreckage of his vehicle where deputies took him into custody. He was transported to University Hospital for treatment. The condition of the suspect has not been released.

The suspect will be charged with first-degree domestic violence, kidnapping and failure to stop for police once he is cleared to be released from the hospital.

In the state of South Carolina, domestic violence is a crime that requires that law enforcement arrest someone if there are signs of a struggle. In this particular incident, adding the charge of kidnapping makes it even more serious.

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