Problems All Around From Winter Storm This Week

Problems All Around From Winter Storm This Week

This Tuesday, snow fell for hours leaving several motorists stranded on the roads and in their homes. The South Carolina trucking industry was shut down as a result of the winter storms. Many turned their eye toward the state, claiming that SCDOT didn’t do enough to prepare for the situation.

“I don’t believe South Carolina was prepared for it. They should have had more equipment to deal with this it would have been better if they had the necessary equipment to deal with the ice,” said one of the stranded truckers.

The SCDOT claimed that they had enough sand, salt, and equipment and reacted appropriately to the winter storms given the situation. It may in fact be too late for some people who were forced to wait until the roads thawed.

Questions were also raised about how fast the power was going to be restored. Berkeley Electric officials have sent home people who were working to restore power because of OSHA regulations. As late as Wednesday, there were around 1000 customers who were still without power. Crews went back to work on Thursday to get the power up and running for everyone.

Calhoun and Marlboro counties received the most snow with 4 inches a piece. We hope that their travels were safe and that everybody made it home in safety.

The weather has been one for the record books, having caused countless accidents and other mishaps along the way. People have gotten injured as a result of the wintery mix. If you happen to have been injured in one of these accidents, please don’t hesitate to give our lawyers a call for your free consultation. Howell Law is here to help you.