Protect Yourself And Those Around You During Back-To-School Season

Protect Yourself And Those Around You During Back-To-School Season

Are you celebrating back-to-school season like the dozens of other parents you know? Maybe instead of celebrating, you are spending your days wringing your hands wondering if your little one is making it through the day. Back-to-school means different things for different parents. What you all have in common, though, is the belief that your child will get to and from school safely. Sadly, not every child does commute to school without incident, but there are things you can do to help reduce the risk of accident for every student out there this year.

School Buses

School buses are the transportation of choice for millions of parents across the country. As buses get back on the road, now is the perfect time to brush up on school bus safety. Here is what you should remember:

  • Yellow or red flashing lights with a stop arm extended means that you must stop for the bus.
  • Never pass a bus when its lights are flashing.
  • If you are on a four lane highway, only the two lanes traveling in the same direction as the bus are to stop when the bus has its red flashers on. Cars traveling in the opposite direction do not stop.
  • The most dangerous area surrounding a bus for children are those 10-feet around the vehicle.

School Zones

Schools designate specific zones for loading and unloading. Do not be tempted to drop your kids off in any other areas. When you arrive in one of these zones, proceed cautiously. Do not double park and, if at all possible, carpool to reduce the number of vehicles in the zone.


Some children walk to school and others bike. Remember this as you are driving to and from wherever you need to go. Children don’t always behave as expected. Little ones may dart into traffic whether or not they are instructed to “go” by the crosswalk attendant.

Do not pass buses or vehicles when kids are going to or leaving school. It can be difficult to see if there are children near the vehicles. If you are able to, give a pedestrian the right of way, whether it is theirs or not.

These are just a few things to remember as kids head back to school. Staying aware can help to make sure that your little ones make it to and from school safely and so do all of the others kids.

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