SC Highway Patrol Cites School Bus Driver For 2 Accidents In 1 Day

SC Highway Patrol Cites School Bus Driver For 2 Accidents In 1 Day

The safety of our families depends upon the majority of drivers observing the laws and using good judgment when they are behind the wheel. This is all the more important for those school bus drivers who take our children to and from school every day. We entrust them with the lives and safety of dozens of students every day, and hold them to a higher standard for the sake of our children.

South Carolina Highway Patrol reports two accidents caused by a school bus driver in one day.

Th bus driver, 61, a resident of Union, was cited both times for driving too fast for conditions, according to troopers. More than 20 students were taken to the hospital to have minor injuries treated after the first accident. The bus was traveling down Whitlock Lake Road when it left the road and ran into a tree.

The Union County Emergency Services director confirmed that six children were taken to Wallace Thompson Hospital in Union. A second school bus, carrying a paramedic, was sent to take the other sixteen children to the hospital. Authorities say the injuries were all very minor and only the school bus was involved in the accident.

The second accident happened that afternoon, close to 5 p.m. That same school bus, driven by the same driver, ran into the back of a car on Highway 215. A trooper stated the car driver was slowing down and the bus ran into her from behind. There were no students on the bus when the second accident occurred.

The bus driver was tested for drugs after both accidents and will not be allowed to drive a bus again until the investigation is done.

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