Train Strikes U.S. Border Patrol SUV, Kills Two Agents

Train Strikes U.S. Border Patrol SUV, Kills Two Agents

Earlier in the week the Charleston boating accident attorneys shared an entry regarding the high frequency of train accidents in Louisiana. Noting the dangers trains pose to motor vehicles and pedestrians attempting to cross railroad tracks. And just this afternoon there was a breaking case reported by CNN that outlines of an incident involving two U.S. Border Patrol agents who were killed today when their vehicle was struck by a train.

At the time of the fatal accident, the two Patrol agents were in an on-duty SUV and were the process of assisting in the apprehension of suspected unauthorized immigrants, just south of Gila Bend, Arizona, in an area patrolled by the Yuma Sector of the Border Patrol.

According the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) website, The Yuma Sector patrols 126 miles of border with Mexico, between the Yuma-Pima County line in Arizona and the Imperial Sand Dunes in California. The sector has responsibility for Yuma, La Paz and Mojave Counties in Arizona, the Eastern-most areas of Imperial, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties in California, and the entire State of Nevada.

In CNN’s article there is a comment made by Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne that really puts the potential for serious on the job injuries for those who work as U.S. Border Patrol agents, but also all individuals working in law enforcement. He said, “This tragedy is a reminder to all of us that whether they are facing down a criminal suspect with a weapon, or patrolling the highways and deserts, these law enforcement professionals encounter life threatening dangers every day.”

Considering this work-related death happened today, the article did not include any specific information as to the events leading up to the auto accident.