What To Do After A Hit And Run

What To Do After A Hit And Run

Being involved in any type of accident is nerve wracking. Being involved in a hit and run may be even more so. There may be no more gut wrenching feeling that watching the person that just struck you speed off to avoid getting into any trouble with law enforcement. Instead of following your first instinct and giving chase, there are a few things to do following this type of accident.

1. Call Emergency Services

The first thing to do after being involved in any type of accident is to call 911. Let the dispatcher know if you are injured, your location and that the other driver has taken off. The dispatcher will most likely ask for a description of the other car or the license plate number. Share the information if you have it.

2. Take Pictures

If you are not injured and are able to safely exit your vehicle, do so and take as many pictures as you can. Take pictures of the scene and of your vehicle. Be sure to take photos of the road that will show the current conditions.

3. Talk to Witnesses

If anyone has stopped to offer assistance, get their information. You will want names and contact information at a minimum. This information will be useful to law enforcement and your insurance company. It can also be helpful to your attorney should you decide to pursue a case in court.

4. Call Your Insurance Agent

Once you have cleared the scene, you have about 24 hours to contact your insurance agent. Be sure to do so, even if the accident was the other party’s fault. If you carry underinsured or no coverage insurance, your agent will advise you how to begin the steps to having your car repaired.

5. Call an Attorney

You may think you don’t need an attorney, but you could be wrong. An attorney can help you retrieve the compensation that you are entitled to. An attorney can also tell you if what you are being offered by your insurance company is adequate or fair.

You have options after a car accident, even if the other party does not remain on scene. If you have been injured in a car accident in South Carolina, reach out to our experienced team of accident attorneys. We will provide you with a free initial consultation and advise you of your options. Call now.

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