Charleston Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When you have been seriously injured, or someone you know has been killed from a bicycle accident in South Carolina, you will need the experienced legal help of a Charleston bicycle accident lawyer to recover your losses and injuries caused by your traumatic accident. These are classified as Tort Law cases (i.e. a civil wrong against another) and warrant the attention of an experienced injury lawyer who will know the law and how to make the best recovery of money damages for you.

Severity of Injuries

South Carolina is not the most friendly environment for bicyclists to ride. In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the numbers of accidents involving bicyclists. The majority of these accidents involve a cyclist being struck by a car, truck, or some other moving vehicle. Because of the obvious vulnerability that an individual has as a cyclist from being openly exposed to the environment around them, their injuries from these accidents are usually very serious and in many cases even result in death.

Accordingly, an individual’s damages are usually catastrophic and include very expensive medical treatment, wage loss, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment and in many instances, loss of consortium (i.e. loss of services to ones spouse or significant other). A Charleston bicycle accident lawyer will understand the legal issues that an individual, as an injured bicyclist, face.

Fighting the Charge

A Charleston bicycle accident attorney will stand ready to serve their client and their family to make the proper recovery for the damages they have sustained in their accident, and also to defend an individual against the inevitable claims that will likely be made by the defendant and their insurance company that somehow the accident was the fault of their client.

A common defense used by insurance companies and defendants is to blame the cyclist, alleging that they did not follow the rules of the road, were biking in an unsafe manner, or were a “renegade of the road” in their attempt to avoid responsibility and liability in the case.

An individual should not trust the insurance company to treat them fairly and they should never settle for less than their claim is worth. In order to determine the true value of their case, their lawyers, staff, and in many cases, their hired experts through the attorney will help quantify the damages in an individual’s case to make sure an individual recovers every benefit owed to them in their case.

Contacting a Lawyer

A Charleston bicycle accident attorney will be able to help gather all the necessary evidence and aid in retrieving the maximum compensation available in your bicycle accident case.