Laurens Personal Injury Lawyer

South Carolina law protects people who are injured due to negligence, as well as people whose family members have been killed due to another party’s carelessness or wrongdoing. If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed because of another person, a company, or the government, you should learn about your legal rights. A personal injury lawyer can help you to take legal action if you have a case for receiving compensation.

Howell Law Group has helped many clients throughout the Laurens, SC area to negotiate with insurance companies, or go to court to obtain compensation for their medical bills, wage losses, pain, and emotional distress. We are committed to fighting for injured victims, and we are ready to put our legal experience to work to help you with your damage claim.

How a Laurens Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

After an injury, you can recover compensation if you can prove:

  • Someone, like a doctor or another driver, failed to obey his or her legal duty, or should have delivered a level or obligation of care to you. For example, a driver has a legal duty to obey traffic laws, and an obligation to other motorists not to be unreasonably careless.
  • A legal obligation was breached because the defendant was unreasonably careless or negligent in fulfilling obligations.
  • Your accident or injury was directly caused by the breach and, therefore, you were hurt or your loved one was killed as a result of the defendant’s actions.
  • You have suffered harm for which you should receive compensation (South Carolina law allows you monetary recovery for both economic and non-financial damages).

A personal injury lawyer can help victims in Laurens, SC to obtain the evidence they need to try to prove their case. Whether this means interviewing witnesses, obtaining police reports, subpoenaing company documents, or finding experts, Howell Law Group will be there helping you build your case every step of the way.

A strong claim and solid evidence can help increase the chances of a settlement outside of court. The defendant or insurer may be more likely to offer you a settlement amount out of fear of a higher or punitive jury award. If your case does go to trial, a strong claim can help you convince a jury to find the defendant liable and adequately compensate you for your losses.

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