Charleston DUI Accident Victim Lawyer

Have you or someone you know been the victim of injury or wrongful death as the result of a drunk driver? Our experienced injury lawyers can help. Your Charleston DUI Accident lawyers at Howell Law Group know the laws regarding drunk driving accidents and injuries in South Carolina. The injuries and other losses from these accidents are usually very significant and can change your life forever. These cases are very emotionally charged in that the grossly negligent and reckless conduct of the drunk driver that caused your injuries, and/or death in these types of cases, is not just an accident. The drunk driver must be held accountable for their actions because they could have easily avoided the accident by making the right decision not to drive after drinking.

Recovering Damages

Given this reckless conduct of the drunk driver, you are entitled to not only move to recover all of the damages that you would be able to seek in a normal personal injury case (i.e. past and future lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, loss of enjoyment of life, medical bills and the like) you are also able to move for what is known as punitive damages (i.e. those damages designed to punish the wrong doer for their outrageous conduct). Your skilled Charleston DUI accident lawyers and staff know the ins and outs of drunk driving laws and the civil justice system and stand ready to help you and your family make a full recovery for all of your losses caused by the selfish acts of the drunk driver that caused your accident and injuries.

Automobile accidents are the most common form of drunk driving cases in South Carolina. However, serious injuries also occur through the operation of motorcycles, bicycles, and heavy machinery just to name a few. The possibilities of you being injured and/or seriously damaged by conduct of someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol are really unlimited. In these cases your law firm can help you discover the full amount of insurance available to be recovered in your case as well as do an assets check of the individual responsible for your injuries to determine if there are more assets (such as bank accounts, property, stocks, bonds and the like) that can be seized and converted to payment to cover your losses.

Potential Consequences of the DUI Conviction

In 2007 alone, it is reported that there were almost thirteen thousand drunk driving deaths in the United States as well as tens of thousands of other serious injuries. Those who choose to ignore the law and drive after drinking could be repeat offenders that in many instances have more than one charge and/or conviction for driving under the influence prior to being involved in a fatal crash. Furthermore, almost one and a half million drivers were arrested, according to the last statistical data compiled in 2006 on this issue, for driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs. Given these sobering statistics, it is clear that drunk driving accidents will continue to be prevalent in our state and continue to cause catastrophic losses to you and those other victims of these accidents. Your Charleston DUI accident lawyers have a proven track record of fighting for the injured and their families in South Carolina and stand ready to help you make a full recovery for all the damages and losses caused by the wrong doer/drunk driver in these accidents.

Contacting a Lawyer

Let one of our experienced Charleston DUI accident attorneys tell you more about your rights regarding drunk driving accidents in South Carolina. The initial consultation is free. If we take your case, the contingency attorneys fees are calculated before client expenses. The client is responsible for expenses.