Evidence for Establishing Negligence in a Charleston Slip and Fall Case

The type of evidence used to establish negligence in slip and fall cases takes a number of forms. One of the most important pieces of evidence that is used is eyewitness testimony, the testimony of the plaintiff of themselves, and also physical evidence. Physical evidence can include any photographs of the scene testimony of store employees and physical items. These can be important because these details could eventually be used as beneficial evidence when establishing negligence by an experienced slip and fall lawyer.

Role of Witness Testimony

Eyewitness testimony is crucial evidence for establishing negligence in a Charleston slip and fall case. They are the ones who saw what happened. If there is a video, that can also be helpful as well. The role of eyewitness testimony cannot be understated. Credibility issues sometimes come into play and on those sides of the case, each of the defense lawyers try to make eyewitnesses not look credible and likewise in contrast of trying to make the defense witnesses not look credible. It is impossible to overstate the importance of eyewitness testimony in a slip and fall case.

Relevant Case Information

One of the most important things that a person can do to obtain evidence for establishing negligence in a Charleston slip and fall case is to take photographs at the scene of their slip and fall accident and where the accident took place. Generally, if they could take pictures and keep them on their phone, that will be helpful in building a case later on. A lawyer will also get the contact information, the name, address, and telephone number of any eyewitnesses, which is important.

Making sure that the store owner knows that the person fell, and if a person falls in a store, oftentimes the person is embarrassed from having fallen and wants to get out of there because they are embarrassed and if the store is not notified that the accident took place, it makes the attorney’s job much more difficult in establishing the claim when there is unknown notice.

Contacting an Attorney

Gathering evidence to establish negligence in a Charleston slip and fall case is essential to protect the rights of an individual who may not have been aware of a situation that may harm them ahead of time. If someone were to spill something on the floor of a grocery store and a customer slips and falls on it, any harm sustained by the individual could be a slip and fall case.

It is important to record as many elements of the slip and fall scenario as possible. The individual should share these details with their attorney who can help them delineate which facts are beneficial in a court setting. When filing a claim for damages, it is important to be armed with as many facts and as much evidence as possible. Contacting an experienced lawyer who can assess the facts of your case, can be beneficial for the future outcome of the individual’s recovery.