Darlington Car Accident Lawyer

A Darlington auto accident can be a frightening experience to go through and it can change your life forever. When your family member was killed in the crash or when you are coping with serious injuries, you may not be focused on anything other than your grief or trying to get better. You need someone to focus on your legal issues for you.

Depending upon how the crash happened, you may be entitled to a significant amount of compensation for accident losses- but you need to act quickly to negotiate with the insurer, build your case, and file your lawsuit. At Howell & Christmas, LLC, our auto accident lawyers have helped many clients throughout Darlington after collisions. We will put our four decades of collective experience to work to help take care of your legal needs as you focus on your health and your future.

How Can an Auto Accident Lawyer Help After a Darlington Collision?

After a Darlington car crash, an auto accident attorney can do many important things for you. Your lawyer can:

  • Help determine who was to blame for the crash. There may be multiple people and companies who are responsible for compensating you for your collision losses.
  • Assist in obtaining evidence you need to make a claim for compensation. You can obtain police reports, subpoena phone records or truck driver records, and interview eyewitnesses. You can also find accident reconstruction experts to testify for you. Your lawyer can take care of putting together the evidence you need to try to make a solid case for compensation.
  • Send a demand letter to the insurance company and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. If the insurer of the driver at fault for the crash accepts responsibility, it may be possible for you to get compensation without a lawsuit.
  • File a personal injury or wrongful death case to help you get compensation for losses. Your attorney can go to court on your behalf and make an argument to the jury about why you deserve money for your damages.

Trying to handle the legal issues after a car crash can be stressful and you need to focus on recovering from your injuries or coping with the death of your family member. Let Howell & Christmas, LLC fight on your behalf for the money you need to try to move on after the crash.

Getting Help from an Auto Accident Lawyer

Howell & Christmas, LLC can help with every step of your case after an injury in Darlington. Give us a call as soon as possible after your accident and we will begin working on your behalf to move your case forward. We’ll fight hard for your rights through every step of your case and communicate with you along the way as we work to try and get you the money you need to fully cover losses. Call today to learn more.