Florence Slip and Fall Lawyer

Each year millions of people endure fall accident injuries ranging in severity. Individuals hurt in a slip and fall accident may be entitled to receive compensation for the damages and expenses associated with their injuries.

In most slip and fall cases, the owner of the property can be held liable for your injuries since property owners are responsible for keeping their properties are safe. However, property owners may not be held liable for accidents they could not reasonably prevent from occurring. As such, it is important to show that the owner of the property knew about the condition that caused the accident when pursuing a slip and fall lawsuit.

A Florence slip and fall lawyer could present your case in court on your behalf and work to ensure those responsible for your injuries compensate you for your suffering and anguish. If you are currently suffering and need guidance on your options for recovery, talk to a personal injury attorney.

Common Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere for just about any reason. However, there are common places they occur, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Stairways
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking lots
  • Places of employment
  • Elevators or escalators
  • Private homes

The location of a slip and fall accident can have a sizable impact on the outcome of a lawsuit. Among other factors that may establish fault, the location of a slip and fall can determine who the responsibility party is, the maintenance expectations of the property, and what legal obligations the property owner or manager had to protect people who were on that property.

Slip and fall accidents result in injuries that range from minor scrapes and bumps to permanent disabilities. Different types of injuries can occur after a slip and fall accident, with common injuries involving the back, neck, head, leg or pelvic area. A Florence slip and fall attorney could work to gather key information from the scene of the accident and build a convincing case for an injured individual.

Filing a Claim and Obtaining Compensation in Florence

To pursue compensation for a slip and fall accident, a claimant must seek a settlement from the responsible party or file a slip and fall accident lawsuit in civil court. Obtaining a settlement for these injuries is typically contingent on proving negligence and liability by gathering evidence, speaking with witnesses, calculating damages, and determining who is at fault for the injuries.

The value of a final damage award in such a case depends on the severity of the injury. In addition to injuries, the plaintiff in a slip and fall case could be compensated for pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of wages, and other hardships associated with the incident.

Contact a Florence Slip and Fall Attorney Today

The key to winning a slip and fall lawsuit is to prove that the property owner acted negligently. To that end, a Florence slip and fall lawyer could examine all angles of your case, gather evidence to support your legal position, and skillfully guide you through the time-consuming and stressful process of filing a claim.

Local legal counsel could ensure the filing of a slip and fall accident claim is accurate and work to acquire full and fair compensation for your injuries. Do not let this accident control your life—instead, let a Florence slip and fall accident attorney help you regain it by advocating for your rights in court.