Hollywood Car Accident Lawyer

A car crash can devastate your life and leave you or your loved one with a serious or fatal injury. Out-of-pocket medical expenses can wipe out your savings account and seeking compensation from someone else’s auto insurance company is a lengthy and exhausting process, especially if the insurer is attempting to deny your claim. If you are tired of getting the run-around and rejections, the law firm of Howell Law Group can help you. Our firm’s attorneys can assist you in resolving your auto accident claims so that you can receive what is necessary to move forward with your life.

Howell Law Group has helped drivers in Hollywood and throughout South Carolina receive financial compensation, medical treatment, and other benefits for which they are eligible under law. We can demystify state auto accident laws, insurance laws and any legal aspects associated with your vehicle crash. If your car wreck results in an auto accident lawsuit either filed by you or against you, your lawyer can represent you in court.

Car Insurance Covers Physical Injuries

South Carolina requires vehicle owners to carry liability insurance to help cover costs for property damage and personal injuries. So, if you are injured in an accident in Hollywood, you have the option to pursue a claim with your auto insurer. The minimum auto insurance coverage the state requires is:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 property damage per accident

Although property damage and injuries are covered by your auto insurance, this does not prevent you from pursuing civil claims against a driver who caused major injuries or death.

Civil Claims and Criminal Charges

South Carolina is a tort liability, or “at-fault” state meaning that a person who suffered injuries or whose car was damaged or whose loved one died can pursue claims against the driver or drivers found to be at fault for causing the wreck. The amount of recoverable damage each defendant has to pay will be determined by the defendants’ percentage of fault. However, those filing claims cannot collect the total amount of compensation requested if it’s found that they were partially negligent for the crash.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, particularly if the crash caused a death, criminal charges may be brought against the at-fault driver. This happened in Anderson County in November 2014 when an assistant college baseball coach was charged with three felony DUIs (driving under the influence of alcohol) resulting in death and three felony charges of DUI resulting in great bodily harm. According to Anderson police authorities, the driver was taking a curve at more than 70 miles an hour when he crossed the center line and struck a car head-on at U.S. Highway 29 and East Calhoun Street. Three people died and three were injured.

We’re Here to Help You

Whether you are seeking an out-of-court settlement to pay for your medical expense or damages to your car, or decide to take your claim to court, Howell Law Group is available to advise you of your options and help you to make informed decisions about what direction to take.

With offices in North Charleston and Mount Pleasant, we are able to represent clients throughout South Carolina. Contact Howell Law Group today for a free, no-obligation, legal evaluation of your potential auto accident claim.