Mount Pleasant Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

It is an undeniable fact that accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians regularly cause profound injury and even death. The sad truth of the matter is that many of these devastating events are avoidable in nature.

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) having recently reported that roughly one fatal pedestrian event happens every two hours, the frightening scope of the problem has never been more apparent.

If you or a loved one has sustained life-changing harm due to the fault of a negligent motorist, a Mount Pleasant pedestrian accident lawyer is ready to seek the compensation and justice you deserve. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Mount Pleasant can build a case to help produce a successful outcome on your behalf.

Pedestrian-Related Injury Events

A primary driver of the often catastrophic injuries suffered in pedestrian accidents is the gross discrepancies in weight and size which characterize those on foot and the vehicles involved.

It is worth noting that certain demographic groups have been found to sustain the most severe harm in collisions of this nature, with the CDC revealing that in 2013 alone, approximately 19 percent of all fatalities were suffered by those 65 and older, and nearly one of every five children aged 14 and under who died in traffic-related accidents were on foot at the time of the crash.

Common Injuries

It is not difficult to understand just how powerful the physical impact of a pedestrian vs. auto accident almost always will be and why such events routinely produce such tragic effects. Injuries common to those in need of a Mount Pleasant pedestrian accident lawyer include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries responsible for cognitive impairment
  • Lacerations
  • Scarring and lasting disfigurement
  • Back and neck injuries leading to paralysis
  • Tissue damage
  • Harm to blood vessels necessitating amputations
  • Death

No matter the damage caused, an individual should consult with a Mount Pleasant pedestrian accident attorney immediately to begin building a strong claim.

Filing a Lawsuit in Mount Pleasant

Mercifully, some of those involved in pedestrian accidents suffer only temporary infirmities or inconveniences, but there are others whose lives are permanently altered by the impairments, pain and physical limitations that result.

When such trauma is caused by the negligent acts or omissions of another party, the law provides the opportunity for the injured to pursue much-needed payment for accumulated and ongoing medical expenses, therapy, and rehabilitation, lost wages, reduced future earning potential, pain, emotional suffering and more. Such damages can be fought for using a pedestrian accident lawyer in Mt. Pleasant.

Benefits of a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

While pedestrians are in no way absolved of a duty to exercise an appropriate amount of care for their personal safety while maneuvering on foot, when drivers who are careless, intoxicated, distracted or negligent in some other way intervene and cause real harm, it is important that they be held accountable.

An experienced Mount Pleasant pedestrian accident attorney will conduct a comprehensive exploration of the facts, enlist the help of key medical and subject matter experts and ensure timely compliance with South Carolina’s three-year time limitation for filing claims of this nature, as articulated by S.C. Code §15-3-530(5).

The days and weeks following a serious pedestrian injury event can be a frightening and bewildering time filled with confusion and doubt. However, the sooner a Mt. Pleasant pedestrian accident lawyer is brought into the process, the greater the chance that fair compensation can be obtained.