Charleston Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather

South Carolina law says that when dangerous conditions exist, a driver has to use extra caution. Often this refers to situations of excessive rain, since there is not a lot of snow or ice in Charleston. When these types of conditions exist, a driver has to use caution when being on the road. Even if a driver is traveling within the speed limit in South Carolina, that is not always safe. You can be cited for driving too fast under certain conditions and that is a subjective call on the part of the officer, but a law does exist and is in place in South Carolina for travel conditions.

Charleston has a big tourism industry and so many of the drivers on the roadways are not locals and are unfamiliar with the turns and traffic conditions. A person involved in an accident that involves dangerous weather conditions is entitled to the same damages as any other automobile accident with the help of an experienced Charleston auto accident attorney. A skilled attorney can help individuals who have been in Charleston car accidents involving bad weather to obtain necessary compensation.


There are certain protections that individuals should take to prevent car accidents involving bad weather in Charleston. There are common warning signs used if the road is wet to tell someone to be careful. Some of the warning signs that the driver might encounter with respect to dangerous road conditions are, and particularly in Charleston – fog visibility, especially in the morning time. Tropical weather conditions make it more difficult to drive and can contribute to the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Individuals are required to wear seatbelts. They are also required to drive more cautiously when there are hazardous road conditions on the roadways to avoid accidents involving poor weather in Charleston.

The National Weather Service is a great source for giving data including historical data for the weather conditions of any particular town that are necessary to be aware of before driving. Also, local weather stations can be helpful as well. Witness testimony of people who had been at the scene at the time of the accident can also help establish weather conditions, adverse or otherwise.

Seeking Medical Help

In an accident that has occurred during hazardous weather conditions in Charleston, the first thing a driver should do is assess their injuries and any other injuries of passengers that may be riding with them, as well as anyone else who has been involved in the accident. If there are any injuries, the first thing to do is call 911 and ask for an ambulance. Whether or not there are injuries or not, 911 should be called so that a law enforcement officer can be dispatched to the scene to investigate.

Assigning Fault

In South Carolina, it is unlawful to drive too fast in poor conditions and that means that a driver who is operating a vehicle in dangerous weather conditions in Charleston has a heightened duty to be more cautious including slowing down below the posted speed limit if that is what the weather conditions require.

There is another way for a lawyer to proceed with the case if there was not another vehicle involved. Often, in a single vehicle accident in Charleston, there can be multiple factors that are not based on driver negligence, including defective conditions of the vehicle, the engine, the braking or the tires. Also, in the event of a single vehicle accident where the driver is negligent in causing the accident, any passengers who are riding with the driver are entitled to recovery of damages for their injuries.