Charleston Interstate Accidents

With respect to highway and freeway accidents in the Charleston area, there are a couple of major interstates. There is both Interstate 26 and Interstate 526. Both of those interstates are high-speed interstates with a minimum of two lanes in each direction and often times more.

However, the specific danger with regard to accidents on these interstates is speed. It is rare that an accident involving a high degree of speed is minor, instead it is usually quite severe. An accident on an interstate is typically distinguished from an accident on a city road or an urban road, because of speed and the severity of injuries seen on an interstate accident are usually higher than they are in urban areas.

If you have been injured in a Charleston interstate accident, it is crucial to contact an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Charleston car accident lawyer can examine the evidence of the case to help recover any potential damages you may be entitled to.

Severity of an Interstate Accident

An accident that takes places on an interstate usually involves high-speed vehicles. If a person is involved in an accident on an interstate, it is recommended that they get their vehicle off of the interstate, if possible.

If it is drivable, it is important to pull over into the emergency lane because leaving a vehicle in an interstate that is disabled or just sitting there could cause even more accidents.

Initial Steps

The first step an individual should take after being involved in an accident on a Charleston interstate is, if at all possible, to get the car off of the interstate to avoid another crash. If that is not possible, or even if it is, the very next step is to ascertain whether anyone has sustained any injuries in either vehicle.

If so, it is important to immediately call 9-1-1 and alert authorities to send an ambulance. Even if there are no injuries, it is recommended to dial 9-1-1 and get law enforcement to the scene of the accident so that it can be investigated and documented. These steps are crucial after an individual has been involved in a Charleston interstate accident.

Fact Patterns

Some of the common fact patterns that involve accidents on the interstates in Charleston occur because of inattention. In this day and age with cellphones and smartphones and, in particular, texting, inattention is probably the most common factor that causes accidents.

Also, drowsiness and lack of adequate sleep can be a problem as well. Sometimes, long road or long-haul truckers go long distances and do not get enough sleep, and so inattention and sleep depravity are high on the list of the common causes of Charleston interstate accidents.

Risk of Heightened Speed Limits

Heightened speed limits, which are present typically on the interstates in the Charleston area, really increase the chances that if an accident does occur, that the injuries will be present and more severe.

It is important to realize that when traveling at a high speed, that an individual pay close attention to their surroundings and stay off their cell phone and not text or read their texts. The monotony of a long, straight road can sometimes tempt drivers to engage in risky behavior, and that can cause serious and sometimes fatal accidents.