Charleston Highway Defect Lawyer

Have you been injured or has someone you know been injured or killed by a defective condition on a road or highway? The Charleston highway defect attorneys at Howell Law can help. Call an experienced injury lawyer with our firm today to discuss your case and begin the road to recovering damages.

Highway Defect Accidents

Highway and road defects in South Carolina are at an all time high given the extreme population growth and expansion that has occurred in our state over the last five to ten years. A large number of bridges, overpasses, exit ramps, and roads are in disrepair or were improperly designed and manufactured when they were first created. While everyone knows that they have a duty to use due care and pay attention at all times when driving on highways and roads, is not always possible for even the most alert driver to avoid an accident and resulting injuries that come from road and highway defects.

These defective conditions in the road can, in many instances, be the cause of serious accidents causing injury and even death. The public and private entities responsible for designing, constructing and maintaining our roadways must be held accountable for any defective conditions they cause that lead to these serious accidents. The Charleston highway defect attorneys at Howell Law know the South Carolina Civil Justice system and can help you an your family pursue your case against those businesses, government entities and subcontractors that are likely responsible for your injuries and other damages.

Defective Conditions

Defective highway conditions include, but are not limited to, potholes in the road, uneven pavement, lack of signs and or inadequate warnings about a road condition, a shoulder drop-off, inadequate drainage that leads to water pooling on highways and roadways, objects being left on a roadway, as well as other construction and municipal negligence among other things can all cause an accident. The above-referenced road conditions, and many others can lead to an unsafe and extremely dangerous driving environment for those that encounter them. If you or someone you know has encountered one of these hazardous or defective highway conditions and has been the victim of the negligence or even intentional conduct of another, you need to get a Charleston highway defect lawyer that understands the legal system and how to help you recover all of the medical treatment, money damages and other compensation under the law.

Consulting An Attorney

Want to know more about roadway and highway defects and dangerous conditions in the state of South Carolina, call one of our Charleston highway defect attorneys today. The initial consultation is absolutely free. If we take your case, the contingency attorneys fees are calculated before client expenses. The client is responsible for expenses. Let one of our South Carolina injury lawyers give you informed answers to all of your legal questions.