Charleston Teen Driving Accident Lawyer

The law does not define or consider novice drivers, and every driver in Charleston is held to the same standard. It does not matter if the driver is 16 or 60, they are held to the same standard in respect to assessment of negligence in the case of an accident. Teen drivers, however, are generally inexperienced, and can be more prone to accidents due to this inexperience.

With that said, there are important preparations to take in case of an accident when you are a young driver, and there are essential steps to take following an accident, if it did occur. It is important to work with a Charleston teen driving accident lawyer as soon as possible following an accident in order to fight for damages compensation. An experienced Charleston auto accident attorney can help build their client’s case as soon as possible.

Preparations in Case of an Accident

Often, teen drivers will take a driver education course to prepare for the test given at the Department of Motor Vehicles, but it is not mandatory that any citizen or driver take a driving course especially a private one. Other than the age in which a permit is allowed to be obtained at 15 years old, in the actual licensing process, there are no laws that treat teenagers differently than adults as far as driver responsibility on the road is concerned.

It is essential for parents, with respect to teaching a child how to drive, to approach driving the same way as other responsibilities as a teenager moves into adulthood. Parents should remind their children to be responsible, attentive, and ensure they do not text or use their cell phone while driving to avoid accidents in Charleston. This is the best thing that a parent can do with respect to educating a child and then, of course, making sure that the teen is in the habit of always fastening their seatbelt every time they get into the car.

Teen Drivers Involved in Accidents

Common patterns of teens involved in Charleston teen driving accidents include cell phones, texting, and general inattention. Teenagers are, for the most part, less responsible than they will be when they get a few years older and it is for that reason that automobile insurers charge a higher premium for teenagers than they do for adults.

Teens are more likely to be involved in accidents than adults primarily because they have less experience than adults. Teens, in general, tend to be less attentive. They have less experience behind the wheel than adults and less appreciation of the dangers on the roadway than adults do.

Steps to Take After An Accident

Parents should teach their children that if they are involved in an automobile accident, the first thing to do is to call 9-1-1. If there are injuries, they should ask for an ambulance, but regardless of whether or not there has been an injury, it is important to call the police when there is an accident. They will arrive at the scene, investigate the accident, and prepare a report.

There is not a big difference on how it plays out other than the fact that society, in general, regards teens as less responsible than adults. If a case had to be tried in front of a jury, a teenager would have a harder time getting a jury to believe them in an attempt to dispute what happened in the accident than that same person would if they were an adult.

Contacting a Charleston Teen Accident Attorney

A family who is looking for a lawyer for a teen involved in an accident in Charleston should look for the same lawyer that they would if they themselves were involved in an accident. You want someone who has experience. It is important to contact an experienced teen driving accident lawyer in Charleston as soon as possible if someone is involved in an accident.